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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Others in Tajweed / Quran Category :

- How is silent recitation done (in Salaah, but also in du‘aa’ and zikr; perhaps you could treat them separately..

I am unable to understand how I can apply all the characteristics of a letter at one time. Suppose if I am..

- The Basmalah (please do correct this mistake of letter a instead of i and write it as Bismillah) and between two surahs on your site..

- Could you please explain the difference(s) between 'Ashara Sughra and 'Ashara Kubra?

- In reciting the verse 77:20 according to Hafs by the way of Shatibi, as I understand, the Qaf can be assimilated (idgham) into the..

- What are the correct timings of maddul-leen in for example..

- Letter 'Dhaad' has characteristic of 'rikhwa', i.e., opposite to 'shidda' which is imprisonment of Sound. In rikhwa sound..

- How are the 2 instructions reconciled? Is the ikhfaa before qaaf read with tafkheem and a closeness..

- I would like to know whether there is a rule that requires a sakt (breathless pause) after each of the long vowel..

- What is the correct timing of maddam-mā of the leen letter in for example 2 : 2: raiba:

- What if the letter "ra" has a kasra with a shadda on top of it such as verse 1 of surah Tahriim..

- I have two questions, 1. In some explanations of tafkheem and isti'la they look like the same .As I know Ra’ has instifal..

- The leen letters have a timing of longer than one vowel count, but shorter than two vowel counts (maddam-mā). Do..

- Is the "ra" in the five verses of surat Al Qadr (surah 97) read with takhfeem when stopping at each verse and not..

- The statement "we don't have to THINK about emphasizing..." has confused me slightly. Although, this statement is..

- Nevertheless, I would like your advice: Which system should I use to memorize the Quran? The mujawwad which..

- Is it true that in Qur’aan recitation those tiny spaces are omitted, so that words are read in continuum?..

- I would to like to know, if there are no signs for stopping within a verse and the verse is quite long, how would..

- What is the (approximate) timing of a pause, or is that not fixed?

- Is the timing of the leen letters the same as the timing of the other letters of the ’arrakhāwah group (although..

- The word < a l Hady" occurs twice in Al Baqara Ayaah 196, I remember Dr Ayman mentioning something about a..

- What are the general stress (I do not mean nabr) rules of Arabic words, if there are any? I guess that a “long”..

- I have a question regarding pronouncing the medd which is the "Ye" medd with a kasrah before it. When I try to..

- 'When discussing the articulation points of the sin, zai, sad and tha, dhal, Dha you mentioned plates of the teeth..

- I will appreciate if anyone from this site tell me by whom and in what year Tajweed rules has been introduced..

- What is the name of the tareeq for qasr al munfassil for Hafs that you have posted on this site? Also what is the..

- We were wondering if the third book of the series Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an by Ustadhah Kareema Czerepinski is out yet?

- I have some questions; I hope you can answer them, 1. In Surah Hujurat, v.9, Allah, in the Holy Quran says..

- I would like to ask you, if you could provide a note, explaining the rules regarding Al-Alif Maqsoorah..

- When teaching children the heavy letters, what is the best way to explain to them how to pronounce the..

- Does the nabr affect the timing of the first letter of the shaddah, for example the first yaa’ in: 1 : 5: ’iyyāka, and..

- I have 2 questions, 1. I always thought the letter laam was pronounced with the tip of the tongue, but found lately..

- I happens to be in Tajweed class which I found very interesting, My question now is "is it compulsory to apply these..

- Please can you tell me the difference between ikhfaa shafawi and Iqlab rules..

- I would like to know which letters are rakhu and which letters are hams letters and so on, I don’t know the other categories..

- What is the difference between a qaari and a hafiz?

- Does this rule apply also to the other light letters such as "baa" and "miim"?

- Do the rules for Hafs about the presented sukoon lengthening being stronger than the leen medd and resulting..

- I have a copy of the Quran by the way of Warsh. I have noticed that in many places (in Warsh), there is a black dot..

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