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Monday, March 29, 2010

Duas from Hadith: 4 -Daily Duas

  • Dua Video: Dua After Salaah with English Close Caption

    Sheikh Mishary Alafasy recites the duas that you may also choose to recite by yourself after you have completed your salaah (prayer).

  • Dua Video: Dua Qunut with English Subtitle

    This dua is sublime.

  • Dua Video: Dua When Waking Up


  • Dua Video: Morning Duas in Arabic only

    Recorded from Al-Fajr TV.

  • Dua Video: Morning and Evening Duas in Arabic and English

  • Dua Video: Dua After Hearing the Adhan (Call to Prayer)

  • Dua Video: Dua When Going to the Mosque

  • Dua Video: Beautiful Dua Qunut by Saad Al Ghamdi

  • Dua Video: Dua After Finishing Your Prayer

  • Dua Video: Dua after Witr Prayer

  • Dua Wahda: Dua for the Unity of the Ummah

  • (Ramadan) dua from the Qur’an and Sunnah

    Although some of the duas at the beginning can be said at any time, several of the duas especially from the Sunnah are Ramadan specific.

  • Some short zikr/ayat you can recite after prayer or while driving

    These short duas as well as surat Iklas will earn you many blessings and spiritual contentment, calm and bliss. They will soothe your soul–especially if you are stuck in traffic or are on the tube.

    Dua Video: Dua When Entering Your Car For Driving

  • Dua Video: Dua on entering the Mall or the Market or a Shop

  • Dua Video: Dua for Entering the Graveyard

Duas with Spanish Subtitles

  • Dua video : Dua Qunut with Spanish Subtitle

    Bonita Du’a recitada por Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy y traducida al español.
    El Mensaje del Qur’an
  • Dua video:Recuerdos al levantarse del sueño
  • Dua video:Súplica al salir del hogar

Duas with French Subtitles

  • Voici une video en 3 parties expliquant les conditions de validité d’une dua.
    Dua video #17: Les Criteres Recquis Pour L’acceptation de Vos Duas (introduction)
  • Dua video #18: Les Criteres Recquis Pour L’acceptation de Vos Duas (1ere Partie)
  • Dua video #19: Les Criteres Recquis Pour L’acceptation de Vos Duas (2eme Partie)

Dua References

1. Hisnul Muslim Website. Fortification of the Muslim (Hisnul Muslim) is perhaps the most popular du’a book currently in print. This site is an electronic rendition of the “little du’a book”. Another site with all the duas from Hisnul Muslim is the one by Islamic Knowledge–which also allows you to listen to the duas in MP3 format in arabic.

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