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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maher Zain is the fastest growing Islamic singer in the world! Click and listen to his music & watch his videos NOW!

Check out the BandPage tab above (next to Wall and Info).. You LIKE? ;)

Rakan-rakan, saudara & saudari, alhamdolillah kami telah berjaya mencapai lebih dari 900,000 peminat. Kini sekali lagi saya perlukan sokongan anda. Sila kongsikan laman ini dengan sekurang-kurangnya 10 kawan anda yang belum menjadi peminat laman ini. Sila ajak 10 kawan anda ke laman ini, klik di bawah profile photo say…

‎1 million views on youtube for The Chosen One music video in only 2 months! Alhamdolillah! Congratulations to all of us and to all the followers of the “Best of mankind” our beloved Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Let’s keep spreading his message of peace & love to all of humanity..
Your face was brighte…r than the sun; Your beauty equalled by none; You are Allah’s Chosen One; Muhammad, khayru khalqi Allah

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, Alhamdolillah we have reached over 900,000 fans now and I need your support again :) Please share this page with at least 10 of your friends who are not already a fan on my page. Kindly suggest to 10 of your friends by clicking under my profile photo “Suggest to Friends”. Baraka Alla…

I’m back in the USA and getting ready kick off my USA tour with Islamic Relief starting in San Diego. I’m am looking forward to it and I hope that we will be able to raise a substantial amount of money for orphans around the world insha Allah

Salaamo Alaykom everyone, I’m back home now in Sweden alhamdo lillah. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone in Malaysia & Brunei for this beautiful and inspiring visit, I’m looking forward to coming back and doing a big tour soon in insha Allah in Malaysia and the whole of South East Asia. I had a great time in Malaysia …

Landed a few hours ago here in Chicago to attend the ISNA Convention over the 4th of July Holiday weekend. Over 15,000 Muslims from all over the USA will be attending isA. I’m looking forward to meet all the wonderful speakers, but I’m especially looking forward to meeting a special guest for the first time: The Grand

Alhamdulilah, “For the rest of my life” song is on the top spot on Brunei music chart. I was informed that it is also getting huge requests on mainstream Radio and getting good playing time too. Thank you to all my fans for believing in this good and clean art and lets keep calling radios and sending requests to radios…

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