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Monday, July 19, 2010

Shaykh al- Qurra Muhammad Sukkar

Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun – Shaykh al- Qurra Muhammad Sukkar passed away today 13/08/2008

He is Muhammad ibn Taha Sukkar al-Sayadi al-Rifa`i al-Husayni, Abu Hisham, an accomplished faqih and a master of Qur’an recitation (qira’at). The noble Shaykh (may Allah have mercy on him) was born in the suburb of al-Afif in Damascus, Syria in 1922 (1335 H). His mother raised him, teaching him the Qur’an at a very young age. He completed the recitation of the Qur’an with her when he was fifteen years old.

During his early years Shaykh Muhammad punctually attended the study circles (halaqat) of the `Ulema. He read the entire Qur’an according to the narration of Hafs under the guidance of Shaykh Fayiz al-Da’ir Atani. While doing this he memorised numerous texts (mutun) in qira’at. Shortly thereafter he read al-Shatibiyya and al-Durra to his Shaykh. He then began reciting the complete Qur’an according to every one of the famous modes of recitation. In this way he probably read about twenty complete modes of Qur’anic recitation with various narrations under him. Shaykh Fayiz used to constantly question him about the areas of reference related to the different modes of recitation.

The Shaykh also attended lessons that were conducted by Shaykh `Ali al-Tikriti and he studied various subjects under him including Mishkat al-Masabih.

Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar later joined his colleague Shaykh Muhyiddin al-Kurdi and was included among the qurra who were under Shaykh Sa`id al-Halwani’s supervision. They established a gathering wherein the Qur’an was recited and studied with its  different variations and modes of recitation. This practice continues to this day and is known as the Majlis al-Qurra.

Shaykh Muhammad followed the way and approach of his teachers in his own teaching method and was very particular on the manner in which his students recite. With beginners he first teaches the 30th juz of the Qur’an and the laws of tajwid and pronunciation before moving on to the higher sciences.
May Allah have mercy on him and bless his soul, Amin.

Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar

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Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar later joined his colleague Shaykh Mu iy al-Dīn al-Kurdī and was included among the qurra who were under Shaykh Sa'īd al-Halwānī's ...

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