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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Keep In Mind ( Very IMPORTANT ) --> What exactly are the different Qiraat?

I have gone through many many examples of variations & Qiraats , but all in all , the eternal truth remains intact : these variations do not by any means affect the coherence of the Quran . Without going through many details , it is enough to observe that Islam around the globe is the same . Ahkam (laws) of Halal & Haram , Prohibited or allowed , Wajib , makruh or even permitted under conditions ; all are the same and cannot be trifled with or altered .

Furthurmore , these variations were revealed from ALLAH All-Mighty Himself . Prophet Muhammad was NOT allowed to put them himself . If Quran is claimed to be falsified - God Forbid - this refutes the claim ( other refutations are yet to come )

In that case , what a Muslim should do concerning the varieties in Qiraat ? The Prophet , peace be upon him , answers :

إن هذا القرآن أنزل على سبعة أحرف ، فاقرأوا ما تيسر منه
( Hurray ! I got a precise translation from Al-Bukahri )
" This Quran has been revealed to be recited in seven different ways , so recite of it whichever way is easier for you ( or read as much of it as may be easy itself ) 6:514-O.B

" فأي ذلك قرأتم أصبتم فلا تماروا فيه "
( Warning : not precise ) Whichever of these ways you read , you are correct , so do not quarrel (or debate ) about it or doubt it

" فانطلقنا إلى رسول الله .. فتغير وجهه و قال : إنما أهلك من قبلكم الاختلاف " ثم أسر إلى علي شيئا فقال علي : إن رسول الله يأمركم أن يقرأ كل رجل كما علم "
When the companions argued about it The prophet became upset & said : Those nations before you went astray and deserved God's wrath for quarreling a lot . Then he told Ali to tell them that : The Prophet commands that each one of you read as he was taught (not precise at all )

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