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Sunday, July 12, 2009



Hazrat Idrees (Alaihi Salaam)
: Three-hundred and fifty-six (356) years
Hazrat Nooh (Alaihi Salaam) (Noha) :
Nine-hundred and fifty (950) years
Hazrat Hud (Alaihi Salaam) :
Two-hundred and sixy-five (265) years
Hazrat Saaleh (Alaihi Salaam) :
Five-hundred and eighty-six (586) years
Hazrat Ayyoob (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and forty-six (146) years
Hazrat Shoayb (Alaihi Salaam) :
Eight-hundred and eighty-two (882) years
Hazrat Ibraaheem (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and ninety-five (195) years
Hazrat Sulaimaan (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and fifty (150) years
Hazrat Zakariyya (Alaihi Salaam) :
Two-hundred and seven (207) years
Hazrat Ya'qoob (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and thirty-nine (139) years
Hazrat Moosa (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and twenty-five (125) years
Hazrat Ishaaq (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and twenty (120) years
Hazrat Haaroon (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and nineteen (119) years
Hazrat Ismaaéel (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and thirty-seven (137) years
Hazrat Yuusuf (Alaihi Salaam) :
One-hundred and ten (110) years
Hazrat Yahya (Alaihi Salaam) :
Ninety-five (95) years
Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) :
Sixty-three (63) years

(all prophet) 4645 +1427 hijrah (now)
over 6072 year of moslem in earth
??? year human on earth ????
balance of earth year ????????????

wallahua a'klam

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